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Coaching for Clarity, Focus and Accountability

Following a speaking or training visit, EllenCoaching will provide your talent with one-on-one professional coaching. Conducted once-per-month either in-person, phone or video, employees learn to practice what they are learning, risk change within a safe professional sphere, and remain accountable as new ways of behaving become routine.

Investing in your talent through sustained coaching opportunities can allow you to rest assured you are making the most of an individual’s potential, preparing them for their next steps and supporting them as they continue to develop their best personal and professional selves.

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Individual Coaching

Do you need help clarifying your vision? Is it time for you to make a plan but you're stumped about your options? Let’s have a conversation and put your needs first. Having a Coach will save you time and energy so you can land faster and earn more!

Corporate Coaching

Executives, managers, and team leaders have a unique set of challenges, from developing talent and internal relationships, to overcoming recurring challenges. Ellen works with leaders to strengthen their capabilities and to become more fulfilled in their personal and professional lives.

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Coaching: Services
Coaching: Services

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