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Coaching Packages

Accountability Coaching

For anyone who is spinning their wheels, wants to get organized, or knows WHAT to do but for some reason, can't get themselves to do it. Accountability coaching can help clear the clutter, keep you accountable, and help you SEE the progress towards more time, money, and balance in your life!

Career            Coaching

What are your options? Through research (online and in-person), it’s time to see what you are really meant to do with your talents and education. You’ve worked hard to earn a degree, so let’s put it to good use. This package looks at the big picture, strategic plan, and addresses the obstacles of change.

Mindfulness Coaching

With all that you have weighing on your shoulders, let’s take some time for YOU. This package gives you the opportunity to learn brief meditation techniques, discuss the neuroscience to get out of ‘fight-flight-or-freeze’ mode, and provide resources to keep up the success you’ll feel after a few minutes of relief.

Individ Coaching Packages: Services
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