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Small Steps for Success

I know there are major problems going on in the world right now, so please forgive this post if it sounds like I'm whining. It's just that I had hip surgery in December that has made me learn to practice what I preach. It wasn't a hip replacement but it was the kind of surgery that makes you ensure your legal documents are in order and your house is clean. Oh wait, that's not surgery, that's the "stuff" that swirls around in your head as a mom and a business owner, when you want to be in control. The surgery was 2 weeks before Christmas, before both of my boy's birthdays (yup, someone had TWO boys right before and after Christmas), and a husband who you'd like to return to and not die on the operating table. Wait, what? You don't think about that stuff? Why in the world do I spin out of control around things that I can't control? Oh, I don't know? Maybe because I'm human?

If one more person tells me to "take it slow" and "enjoy this process" of rethinking how I walk, I'm going to scream. For those of you who don't know, I'm a 50 year old impatient woman who teaches exercises classes as a part-time gig. I've done it more than half of my life. I talk with athletes all the time about 'starting over', 'slowing down', and 'modifying moves.' Yet, when it comes time for me to practice what I preach, all common sense falls to the wayside.

Here are my top 5 lessons from an Impatient Weekend Athlete Who Had Elective Hip Surgery to take care of some nagging problems:

1. Rising Strong by Brene Brown

2. Listen to your friends and family. When people are being nice and say things like: 'stay strong', "take time to heal,' or "we can't wait to see you soon'; that's real. That's nice stuff. And that stuff is important to listen to. Words and sentiments can keep you in an upward spiral.




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