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Don't Fix Your Team: Coach Them

We all have the answers inside. Did you ever notice that? I mean seriously, when you ask for someone's opinion, do you REALLY want their opinion? Or do you want them to say what you want to hear? It could be that you want some insight but I find that leaders, fellow moms, and strangers in Fitting Rooms really don't want your opinion. They just want confirmation that they're right.

The same holds true for employees who complain. It might be your first instinct to 'fix the problem' or tell them what to do but I encourage you to take a breath, and first HEAR what they have to say. This is powerful.

The "Power of the get".

How to do it:

1. Let go of control

2. See your team as whole, and as talented and experience professionals that you've hired and bring certain gifts to the table. It's your job to draw out the answer.

3. Practice 'what' and 'how' questions.

4. Let go of power

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