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Leaders Envision the Life They Want - Stop Listening to the Saboteur

Article I: Don't Sabatoge yourself as a leader

Article II: Envision the Life you Want (Target: Mom's in Transition who will come to my Vision Board workshop)

Article III: Making decisions using your head, heart and gut

Article IV:

Why do we question ourselves when we've had success? Why do we say shit to ourselves that we wouldn't dare let a friend say?

I work with amazingly talented leaders with years of experience and the stories they tell would fascinate anyone who would listen, but sometimes the self sabatoging language they use or hearing them question themselves astounds me. I can see they've got talent. Their boss has recognized their talent. So why is it we can't see it?

An Olympic athlete sees her routine executed perfectly before she actually does her 2 minute gymnastics floor routine. A champion soccer player can envision the goal happening without even touching the field. Statistics show that _________________. The same holds true for successful leaders. They live the life they want without sensing obstacles. it is a given that you would receive the raise, have the best office, or close the sale because you felt it, planned it, and envisioned it happening.

How do you want to be perceived? Head, heart, and gut. Get out of the fear phase and get into the confident phase. When you dream or get into the 'big picture' vision phase, it lights up the prefrontal cortex, the smart part, of your brain. The part that is rational, methodical, and _________. Thus, you are able to remain calm and more options will come forward.

Here are three easy phases to help walk you through HOW to plan out the life you want when it comes to you career:

Phase One: We start with your V.I.P.s. (Values, Interests, Personality and Skills)

What experiences have you had in the past year that brought you joy?

What class have you taken in the last semester that was really enjoyable for you? (Part Two: What was it about that class that you enjoyed? What part of that class was easy for you? How did that class challenge you?)

What is something that you've done over the

Phase Two: Who needs these Vips

Phase Three:

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