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Spinning Thoughts Out of Control

I know there are major problems going on in the world right now, so please forgive this post if it sounds like I'm whining. It's just that I had hip surgery in December that has made me learn to practice what I preach. It wasn't a hip replacement but it was the kind of surgery that makes you ensure your legal documents are in order and your house is clean. Oh wait, that's not surgery, that's the "stuff" that swirls around in your head as a mom and a business owner, when you want to be in control. The surgery was 2 weeks before Christmas, before both of my boy's birthdays (yup, someone had TWO births right before and after Christmas), and a husband who you'd like to return to and not die on the operating table. Wait, what? You don't think about that stuff? Why in the world do I spin out of control around things that I can't control? Oh, I don't know? Maybe because I'm human?

Here are my top 3 lessons of letting go while healing from surgery.

1. Let it go: Yup, Elsa was right. To "let go" of control and what you thought things should be like is for real. Even as I compare my "healing timeline" to what my Physical Therapist and doctors predict, I'm still gentle with my self.

2. Be nice to your loved ones. I think my husband just fell off of his chair. I fully admit that the first week after surgery was a shit show and I had the likeness of Linda Blair. To my defense, there are certain female hormones that I cannot control (see? there it is again!) and taking opiods as a migraine sufferer intensifies and increases the likelihood of migraines. that's for real and no one told us that before the surgery. So, sorry honey for making my head spin around spitting that goo out at you.

3. ABCs - Awareness, Breathe. Compassion. and Strengths - My strength is "Relationships". What that means for me is 'being with people'. I feed off of their energy, I need to communicate and listen in order to release creativity and ___________. If I don't, I'm a bear to wrestle with. Know what

you need and get it or ask for it everyday. It's like your daily vitamin or daily release.

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